To Cleanse and Purify The Home


Incense: Frankincense & Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood

Rose Water

Drum or Bell

First, open all windows and doors. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths until you reach a meditative state. Light incense containing any combination of the scents listed above, ideally in the form of a bundle that will remain lit for awhile. You may have to blow on the bundle periodically to keep it lit. Start at the back of the home, and walk through each room from corner to corner, filling each room with smoke. As you walk, you may repeat “All harmful energies are now banished from this place”. As you finish with each room, maintain your meditative state, and visualize each room filled with white light. You may wish to raise your right hand and project this light out of your hand into each corner of the room. Cleanse your house in this way, from back to front, pushing all harmful energy out the front door. If you have a 2-story home, begin on the upper level first, then continue with the downstairs. If you have a drum, after you have cleansed each room with smoke, bang the drum loudly 9 times in each room. If you use a bell, ring the bell 3 times in each room after cleansing it with smoke.

You may also wish to add 9 drops of Sage or Dragon’s Blood pure essential oils to mop water and clean the floors. This is known as a “Floor Wash” and some witches use this for additional protection in the home. Finally, take a bottle of Rose Water in a spray bottle, and spray all corners and thresholds of each room.

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