Lots Going on Around Here

I love living close to nature, but it’s a little too close at the moment. We think a raccoon has had babies in our chimney. Last week our security cameras caught a large raccoon lurking around the cottage, looking for a way in. We had all the access points around the base of the house sealed last year, so it couldn’t get in that way. Then a few days ago, I heard chitterings, scratching noises and what sounded like crying animals coming from the chimney. Lovely. The dampener was closed, thank goodness. Apparently we did not have a cap on the chimney, so that’s where they are currently. Our dog Winston, has stationed himself in front of the fireplace, because he knows there’s something up the chimney. We’ve been giving him hemp chews (for pets) to keep him calm, but we’re not sure how well they’re working. He is a bit high-strung and anxious himself. We contacted a chimney guy, who warned us in no uncertain terms, DO NOT OPEN THE DAMPENER! Doing so would unleash chaos and destruction inside our house. We have no intention of touching the dampener. It’s really difficult to open anyway. There are two levers you have to pull at the same time, and it takes alot of strength, so I’m pretty sure the raccoons won’t be able to open it either. It’s fairly heavy. The chimney guy said he can clear them out and install a new chimney cap at the same time so nothing can get back in. But… he’s not available until May 9th. So, this is a bit stressful, to say the least. I know they’re nocturnal, so they’re not active during the day, and we’re both up pretty late weeknights. The husband works from home two days a week, but there are a few days when neither of us are here. My anxiety is in overdrive and I haven’t been sleeping well. One of my favorite witchcraft teachers mentioned a plant spirit that can be called upon to drive away unwanted animals from the house. I may be taking that advice.

If the raccoon thing wasn’t aggravating enough, my cellphone battery decided to go on the blink. A couple of days ago I noticed it was charging at a snail’s pace. It would be almost dead by the time I got home, so I would plug it in immediately, and by the next morning it would only be at 40%. I did discover today, though, that it charges much faster when the phone is turned off. I’ll keep doing it this way until I can get a new battery.

The husband’s new job seems to be working out well, and we’re both relieved that it allows him to work from home two days a week. The day he interviewed for this job, we cast an elaborate spell that evening to place him in their favor, and three days later they offered him the position. We believe in magic because we know and have seen that it works.

I have discovered a new singer and songwriter that I am now obsessed with. Her name is Aurora. She is Norwegian, and she writes and performs her own music. Her voice is amazing, and her music is so full of life and creativity. I already have two of her CD’s and just ordered a third one to be delivered tomorrow. I found her on YouTube while I was watching music videos, and then I watched her videos “Runaway” and “Giving In To The Love”, and I was spellbound. There are lots of her videos and live performances on YouTube. In interviews she is very quiet and soft-spoken, but her videos and performances are full of energy and joy. There is a tangible magical energy in her music that I’ve sensed with very few musical artists. There are some singers and bands that have this quality, and they don’t have to be singing specifically about magical topics, but their music has this enchanted quality. Aurora is magical.

Beltane is just around the corner, and there is a celebration this Sunday at a local park about 30 minutes away. This particular park is privately owned, and has many standing stones and a stone circle, which makes it a popular spot for pagan events. This event is happening during the day, which works better for me. The group I used to celebrate with has their celebrations at night (which you’re supposed to do, really), but it’s over an hour away now that we’ve moved. Also, I don’t fancy driving on the freeways after dark.

I haven’t had much time for book writing. I’m so exhausted during the week. Major writing projects will have to wait until I have some extra time to devote to them. I don’t want to rush them, but I have been brainstorming and many things have given me inspiration (ex: Aurora).

I will spend the rest of the evening watching TV, eating cereal and hoping the raccoons keep quiet.

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